My secret letters to to boy I like

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Letter 15

It’s been a long time since I wrote to u. I guesse my inspiration is drifting away since you have never even said hi to me *sad* All good, life goes on. Last night I experienced a lot of drama. This boy on Facebook told me he will end his life, and implied it’s coz I’m not interested in him. I told him to call me, but he didn’t, so I phoned Lifeline. Then he said his account got hacked by his ex, he isn’t scuicidal. I was so angry, I filed an online police report about the incident. I doubt the cops will care, but anyway harassment, hacking and missuse of a professional system is a crime I feel.
There is a lot of scuicide in Australia at this time of the year. I wonder how I could help, maybe I can join some group like PCYC and hang out with homeless youth. I have been somewhat scuicidal before but I would never do it. I feel like I’m one of the rare people who care about the world and I should direct my energy into creating a better world.


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Letter 14

HI cutey, I’ve been busy making art. I’m doing paintings for all my friends. I even did clay art.
Anyway I’m excited, it’s almost time for the Sea Shepherd ships to leave. I went down last year to farewell them, it was such an awesome experience. I’d like to go this year, but I’m working. Also one of my best friends has a son who is really unwell and he won’t get better. It was his wish to go see the ships. So I lent my spare cash to them ^__^
Tonight I’m watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Wow I’m so impressed! This documentary is brilliant and beautiful. It’s very spiritual too, he said we are the Universe experiencing itself.
Tomorrow night I’m going to Uplift Festival in Byron. I’m gonna see Deya Dova and Temple Step. It’s going to be so awesome. Hope my doggie will be ok all alone. He is here beside me, the little stinky fluffy. He gets lots and lots of cuddles everyday.

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Letter 13

I’m still thinking about u. I wonder what u will do for new years. I wonder what I will do. My friend wants to go see Tijuana Cartel play at Brunswick Hotel, then sleep on the beach and watch the sunrise. Or I might just go to Tweed Heads, watch the fireworks, then walk across the border to Coolangatta and watch the fireworks. Two new years in one night! I first saw u at Brunswick Hotel, I may as well spend new years there. You might even turn up there.

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Letter 12

Hi cutey, I have been experiencing ups and downs a lot recently. Sometimes I’m all happy and feelin in luv with u, and sometimes I’m depressed and I think I best just leave u alone. *sigh* Today a girl asked me out on a date! ^__^ I said yes coz I don’t want to be alone forever. I’m nervous, I’ve never been on a date with a girl before.

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Letter 11

Today is Paul Watson’s bday! He’s such an inspiration and proof that one person alone can change the world! I decided to do something Sea Shepherd related so I watched ‘Eco Pirate’! It was amazing, but it’s a bit outdated, it was made long ago. I still haven’t finished all of Whale Wars either.
Are u a Sea Shepherd volunteer? I am ^__^ I use to be the Gold Coast coordinator. But I found it took up ALL my free time, so I had to step down to get my life back. Now I’m focused on finding love, making art and studying spirituality and other cool topics. Of course I’m still helping at events though.

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Letter 10

I went to ‘Burleigh Bongos’ the beach party tonight, and talked to many spiritual people. My wise friends: the fairy lady, the white witch/ healer, a guy with a wizard wand, a hippie elder etc They all said there is something epic happening spiritually, and everyone is feeling depressed and drained. Well me included! I wonder if u are too. But they said it will pass soon.

I have had thoughts poppin in my head like: omg I need to sponosor a child! Or I need to go on a big meaningful trip. Or I need to get involved in more protests etc. I wish u and I could do something beautiful together, for the people, animals, plants.

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Letter 9

Tonight I went to see Deya Dova singing in Byron, Kulcha Jam. Wow what an awesome experience! She was so beautiful, her voice was powerful and moving, and the vibes there were amazing. She sings sort of ‘ancient’ tribal type songs, a little similar to Fever Ray’s music.
Here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFbf0bEfZQc  Very beautiful.

You finally came on Facebook tonight *^__^* Of course the strange crazy girl messaging u, got ignored. Although it hurts, I am glad to know u are still alive and well haha. Wow now I just think I have no chance with u. It’s ok. I’ll keep writing anyway.

Last year I fell in luv with another boy. I waited a year to tell him, but when I did, he completely ignored me. AND moved to Cairns without a single word. Looks like I’m in the same situation again. U will just ignore me and move somewhere. *sigh* maybe it’s my fate. Maybe in this lifetime I have to learn some kind of lesson from loneliness.