My secret letters to to boy I like

Letter 21

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I have been reading two books lately. “The Grand Design” by Stephen Hawking and “Total Law of Attraction” by David Che. The first is completely scientific, the second is new age. Ironically Che uses info from Hawking’s book to backup his own claims. For example, everything in physical existence is energy. Your thoughts determine how energy behaves. For example, is it a wave or a particle. Science proves it is both. Also energy behaves differently when it is observed and not observed. Also quite fascinating, Hawking said that your thoughts today may change something in the past,. And like the future is only “probabilities”, there is no concrete past “history”, only past probabilities.

^ Ok I have never studyied physics formally, so maybe my understanding is a bit warped. But that’s kind of how I understand what was said.

Anyway the Law of Attraction’s rules are *Believe it works *Visualise your desire daily, be specific *Feel a strong emotion for your desire *Think of it/ meditate on it only briefly, then forget about it for the day *Stay positive, be greatful for things *Take action when your intuition tells you, or you see signs.
What a load of crap you say? Nah man! You acually finally messaged me today *^__^* I was in shock hehe. I bet you don’t even know why u felt like messaging, untill now.

Oh I can hear a possum outside, on my verandah. He’s doing this funny mating call hehe cute!
That reminds me, Facebook said u are now in a relationship. It’s all good. I’m sad but not at all as sad as I imagined I would be. I must be really evolving. More than anything, I’m thankful to the Universe that it led me to know someone like u exists! I asked it to lead me to you. But I forgot to add the specification “must be interested in me” haha, so it’s my fault really. All good. I might find another gorgeous activist boy to fall in love with at Earth Frequency.


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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