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Letter 19

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Happy New Year *^__^* Finally 2014, this will be a big year for me spiritually, I feel. I’m going to do more art, travelling, activism and spiritual expansion. It’s only day 2, and already I have stumbled upon a new cause I want to fight for! The Tarkine wilderness in Tasmania. I feel a deep connection to forests. My friends connect to the oceans, and I do too, but it’s more forests for me. A group is making a documentary film about the Tarkine, I wish them the best of luck, I did donate money too.



Maybe one day I’ll go to Tasmania myself and sleep in a tree or something. I’d love to me involved in making a more arty spiritual doco. Like “Home”. That doco is so powerful.
I see on Facebook you slept in a tree once. I wish I knew the story begind that. And I wish one day we can do it all again together


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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