My secret letters to to boy I like

Letter 9

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Tonight I went to see Deya Dova singing in Byron, Kulcha Jam. Wow what an awesome experience! She was so beautiful, her voice was powerful and moving, and the vibes there were amazing. She sings sort of ‘ancient’ tribal type songs, a little similar to Fever Ray’s music.
Here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFbf0bEfZQc  Very beautiful.

You finally came on Facebook tonight *^__^* Of course the strange crazy girl messaging u, got ignored. Although it hurts, I am glad to know u are still alive and well haha. Wow now I just think I have no chance with u. It’s ok. I’ll keep writing anyway.

Last year I fell in luv with another boy. I waited a year to tell him, but when I did, he completely ignored me. AND moved to Cairns without a single word. Looks like I’m in the same situation again. U will just ignore me and move somewhere. *sigh* maybe it’s my fate. Maybe in this lifetime I have to learn some kind of lesson from loneliness.


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A girl living on the Gold Coast

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