My secret letters to to boy I like

Fractal Heart

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Fractal Heart

I think I’ll name it “An outpouring of love”

Here’s what my friends said they see in the pic:
Carl: I see dragonfly wings and black wings of a moth
Willow: It IS WONDERFUL SUZ… … AMAZING… Yes I See a DragonFly as Well… The Colours are Great… Blue is for Healing and Communication… The Green and Pink is for Heart centre turning to White connecting to Spirit… … Purple is Higher Self the Self that connects Yourself to Spirit… I think YOU have done a Great Intuitive Painting… I wanna See More… …
Pia: Awesome, can see all that and also tail of the whale
Chantelle: I see a big human heart filled with corals from the sea and the branches from the tree of life like the veins running through the heart. Dragon fly wings Beautiful
Carla: My first thought was turtle
Timothy: A bat flying over some beautiful, green mountains. But the more I look at it, the more it changes. Wonderful


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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