My secret letters to to boy I like

Letter 6

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It’s been exactly one week since u friended me on Facebook, but u haven’t returned since. I wonder where u are. Did u jump on the Sea Shepherd ship? Did u experience a tragedy? Are u off climbing a mountain somewhere? Or maybe u are working. Or joined a hippie community living in tents with no internet lol. I wonder how many days till u come online again. U still don’t know I exist.

After hours of work, I finally finished my heart-fractal painting at 1am. I uploaded the pic to FB. It started off being for u, but now I’m not sure I like it, so I’d rather paint u something more awesome lol.

I just found out that my Sea Shepherd friends Mark&Brittany have travelled off to the Phillipines to help build a permaculture system for the people affected by the chaos. Wow they are real rainbow warriors! I hope one day we can do something like that.


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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