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Latter 5

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I have the most awesome verandah with many ferns, palms, flowers, weird plants, statues etc, its really magic! But today I started a veggie garden under the veranda ^__^ I have strawberries, tomatos, capsicums and they are already fruiting. The question is how many days will they grow for, before the local possums or wallabies eat them hehe. I don’t really mind, sharing is caring lol.

Now I’m listening to Sphongle, wow this DJ is a God. His music sounds so sacred to me, it sends me to other dimensions. Sooooo amazing!

I started a painting today. It’s a fractal heart. Kind of turned out weird and psychadelic. Maybe I should learn to do digi-art, it seems easier


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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