My secret letters to to boy I like

Letter 4

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Tonight I feel like tellin u the story of how I fell for u *^__^*
I was doin volunteer work at the Relentless fundraiser, and u walked past! I was like “omg he’s so hot!” to the girl next to me, haha she’s been following this love story ever since lol. I wanted to come said hi to u, but u were with an awesome, beautiful Sea Shepherd girl, so I didn’t dare. I thought she was your gf! So I left u alone.

But after the event, u were still in my mind. Therefore I set on a mission to find out who you were! I tried to find u on Facebook. I saw u talking to Zeke, so I looked though every single person on his friend list, but I couldn’t find u. (Later I learned that YES u were on his friend list). I looked through lots of event pix, until I found a pic of u, thank God. Then I started asking my Sea Shepherd friends if they knew who u were. I asked Howie and he said yes that’s TIM. THEN I went back to Zeke’s Facebook list and found u! Ohhhh u had an arty porfile pic, that’s why I missed u the first time around haha.
Anyway, I told Howie to give u my number, and he said he did. And I messaged u on FB but it’s day 6 now and u still haven’t been online to see my messages.
Therefore I’m writing to u here. I hope u are not freaked out lol! I’m hopeing u think this is all a nice romantic love story. Remember my promise never to stalk u, just write to u here ^__^

I did a tiny bit of stalking though >.< I looked through your pix! Omg *dies* I love them all! The travelling ones, the fun ones, and most of all the activist ones! U are such an amazing guy! And your friends are amazing too, they say the funniest ever comments!

A month or two ago, I started asking the Universe to help me fall in luv with someone, it will be a fun adventure! I asked for someone *pretty with long hair  *feminine  *an activist   *that likes Sea Shepherd    *likes nature  *likes travelling  *a hippie  *will like me back.
So far u are all of them, I just don’t know about the ‘like me back’ part. I hope so! If u do like me back, I’ll be the best, most loving gf u ever had or ever will have ^__^


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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