My secret letters to to boy I like

Second Letter

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Please read my ‘first letter’ first ok? ^_~

Im not even sure I know what I wanna write in the second letter.
Hmm maybe I’ll make it random and tell u the things I’m greatful for today:

*The warm sunny weather, although I did enjoy the recent thunderstorms¬† *The beautiful wooden house I’m renting a room in, in the bush *The possum who visited, although my sharemates didnt like it *Having a job I like with lots of freedom *Having a boy I like, it’s a nice feeling *My music collection, I like Soundcloud *My little dog’s cuddles *My fairy lights above my head now hehe *The big pile of books I bought but never read yet lol *Getting the idea to write these letters

Well I’ll go relax in bed now, I wonder how many days until u come online and we talk for the first time. Howie did give u my number. But maybe u are shy like I am hehe. Or too busy partying. Anyway have fun cutey, night.


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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