My secret letters to to boy I like

Letter 3

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I’ll just write u normal letters from now on ^_~

Last night I watched the most amazing movie! I actually downloaded it and wanted to watch it with my next bf but I got impatient lol. It’s called Paraisos Artificiais. It was really powerful and spiritual sometimes, but sad at other times. It’s about sex, drugs and psych-trance festivals. Really well made, here is the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnPZEMJ5cBM

This morning Im sorting out my music playlists. I like music like: Desert Dwellers, Beats Antique, Oka, Shpongle, Temple Step Project, u know deep mystical ancient influence heheh. But I also like goth like Evanescence, Within Temptation etc. Plus other styles, hiphop and rnb is great at nightclubs. I like Lloyd, he’s a sexy rnb boy. I wonder what music u are into. Let’s go camping at a festival one day =D

I stumbled on this song on Soundcloud, here this is for you:


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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