My secret letters to to boy I like

First Letter

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How exciting, my first letter to my luv. I came up with the idea today. I’ve been patiently waiting for u to come on Facebook, but it’s been days. There’s so many things I wanna tell u, why wait ^_~ I haven’t even ever spoken to u yet. Maybe at this present moment in time, u don’t even know I exist. I wonder what the future will lead to. I might win your heart, or I might make u hate me.
One thing I promise you up now, is I won’t stalk you. I won’t start crowding your space. I’ll just write to u here, I’m content with that. You might already love someone else, it’s all good, follow your happiness. But I’ll keep writing, coz it makes me happy ^__^

Ever since I started learning about spirituality, I have this big inflow of love but nowhere to direct it. Now I can direct it here. Even unrequited love is a beautiful experience. Sure it hurts sometimes, but I’d rather have loved and got hurt, then never to have loved at all, and lived a boring unemotional life. Well I don’t know. I have been asking the Universe to manifest my ‘twin flame’ and it may possibly be you. At the moment I just don’t know. But whatever, just enjoy the ride.

‘Why me!?’ u ask? I just felt something when I first saw u. And I usually can’t feel energies, but you had a compassionate loving energy. And u are so handsome omg. Also I think u are a free spirit, probably traveling the world and doing all the things you love. But that’s just my impression. It is extremely rare that I actually feel so attracted to a guy. Happens maybe once in five years. Therefore I can’t just forget about u. U are too rare lol.

I guesse u wanna know about me. I was born in Europe, but I lived Down Under most of my life. Even a year in Japan. Ive travelled the world, from Thailand to Egypt, Turkey and all around Europe. Maybe one day we can travel somewhere together. I’m thinking of going to Bali next year. Or I haven’t been to India yet. Anyway I care a lot about the world. Everything from people, to animals, to plants. I’m a Sea Shepherd volunteer, although I can’t go to Antartica! I get motion sick and I freeze so eaily. I’m ‘forever 21’ although my physical age is about the same as yours. I’m a vegetarian, I know u are not and that’s cool too. I’m actually a quiet person, an introvert but I still go to a lot of parties. I love music festivals! Please come to Earth Frequency with me in Feb. One day I want to do Burning Man too. I like all kinds of music, from psych trance to goth, to international. I like movies but I prefer documentaries, especially awakening ones. I think there is a huge awakening happening worldwide and u and me are a part of it.

Hope to talk to u soon
I might just save this gift till Xmas and give it to u then


Author: lotsofloveforu

A girl living on the Gold Coast

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