My secret letters to to boy I like

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Letter 9

Tonight I went to see Deya Dova singing in Byron, Kulcha Jam. Wow what an awesome experience! She was so beautiful, her voice was powerful and moving, and the vibes there were amazing. She sings sort of ‘ancient’ tribal type songs, a little similar to Fever Ray’s music.
Here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFbf0bEfZQc  Very beautiful.

You finally came on Facebook tonight *^__^* Of course the strange crazy girl messaging u, got ignored. Although it hurts, I am glad to know u are still alive and well haha. Wow now I just think I have no chance with u. It’s ok. I’ll keep writing anyway.

Last year I fell in luv with another boy. I waited a year to tell him, but when I did, he completely ignored me. AND moved to Cairns without a single word. Looks like I’m in the same situation again. U will just ignore me and move somewhere. *sigh* maybe it’s my fate. Maybe in this lifetime I have to learn some kind of lesson from loneliness.


Letter 8

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This documentary is amazing and really mind blowing. I think maybe it’s where I first learned about the Flower of Life. And it’s where I learned of the existance of my now favourite physicist Nassim Haramein. It will change the way u see the world.

I even went to the Thrive Solutions Summit when it came to Bond Uni. They had all kinds of topics, from physics and free energy, to permaculture, to hemp products. It was so inspiring and awakening.

I’ve also since been to a Nassim Haramein’s lecture. I’ll type up my notes to Facebook soon, I’ve been meaning to do that. He says some pretty out there, earth shattering stuff!

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Letter 7

I keep thinking of u, so to keep my mind occupied instead of lonely, I make art! Something I’ve always wanted to do, but never really done untill a few days ago. Well ok I painted a surfboard once, but that’s it. Today I started painting a huge flower of life, the ‘creation pattern’ in Sacred Geometry. It can connect you to Source Consciousness, akaGod, which I call the ‘Universal Consciousness’. I tried to find a good video to explain it all but nope. So here is a basic website
I bet that website doesn’t say, but physicist Nassim Haramein has proven that the Flower of Life is the visual representation of the “structure of the vacuum” (space). What is something that exists absolutely everywhere in the Universe? It’s space. Nassim said space is not empty, it’s full of information, and if you could form an image from it, it would be the Flower of Life. I think he explains how he figured it out, in the documentary Thrive. I’ll go find you the link.

At night I went to the Sacred Earth concert. They are a spiritual group, singing mantras and other loving songs. I wonder if u ever got into mantras or if u are spiritual. I hope one day I can find out.

Fractal Heart

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Fractal Heart

I think I’ll name it “An outpouring of love”

Here’s what my friends said they see in the pic:
Carl: I see dragonfly wings and black wings of a moth
Willow: It IS WONDERFUL SUZ… … AMAZING… Yes I See a DragonFly as Well… The Colours are Great… Blue is for Healing and Communication… The Green and Pink is for Heart centre turning to White connecting to Spirit… … Purple is Higher Self the Self that connects Yourself to Spirit… I think YOU have done a Great Intuitive Painting… I wanna See More… …
Pia: Awesome, can see all that and also tail of the whale
Chantelle: I see a big human heart filled with corals from the sea and the branches from the tree of life like the veins running through the heart. Dragon fly wings Beautiful
Carla: My first thought was turtle
Timothy: A bat flying over some beautiful, green mountains. But the more I look at it, the more it changes. Wonderful

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Letter 6

It’s been exactly one week since u friended me on Facebook, but u haven’t returned since. I wonder where u are. Did u jump on the Sea Shepherd ship? Did u experience a tragedy? Are u off climbing a mountain somewhere? Or maybe u are working. Or joined a hippie community living in tents with no internet lol. I wonder how many days till u come online again. U still don’t know I exist.

After hours of work, I finally finished my heart-fractal painting at 1am. I uploaded the pic to FB. It started off being for u, but now I’m not sure I like it, so I’d rather paint u something more awesome lol.

I just found out that my Sea Shepherd friends Mark&Brittany have travelled off to the Phillipines to help build a permaculture system for the people affected by the chaos. Wow they are real rainbow warriors! I hope one day we can do something like that.

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Latter 5

I have the most awesome verandah with many ferns, palms, flowers, weird plants, statues etc, its really magic! But today I started a veggie garden under the veranda ^__^ I have strawberries, tomatos, capsicums and they are already fruiting. The question is how many days will they grow for, before the local possums or wallabies eat them hehe. I don’t really mind, sharing is caring lol.

Now I’m listening to Sphongle, wow this DJ is a God. His music sounds so sacred to me, it sends me to other dimensions. Sooooo amazing!

I started a painting today. It’s a fractal heart. Kind of turned out weird and psychadelic. Maybe I should learn to do digi-art, it seems easier